Teen/Adolescent Counseling

I have worked with teens and adolescents in the Lake Travis School District for several years. I adore the spirit of young minds and work to build the long term thinking and goal orientation this age is building. We will work on finding what makes him/her feel heard and whole, while finding healthy ways to manage symptoms he/she is facing.

I am also qualified to provide the short term counseling necessary to meet the Behavioral Health requirements of the LTISD drug testing policy. I was the primary LPC provider for the initial year within the district.

I offer a systems approach to individual counseling for teens and adolescents. While the child or young adult is my primary client, it is necessary to work together with the parents or guardians to provide the best chance for success. Please know that periodically, the parent or guardian may be asked to join the individual session, but will also be asked to come in for a coaching or consulting session without the child present. This is an individual session held regularly and required periodically.