Life Transition Counseling

One thing that is certain in life is change. All we can really control is how we approach change and respond in a way that best serves our values.

  • Grief and loss from death or divorce
  • Grief and loss from a different kind of life change
  • Professional or personal growth
  • Career change
  • A new phase of life we find ourselves in and who we want to be in our brave new world.
  • And other life transition counseling is about finding our purpose and meaning and living our best life. It may come from an internal sense that something needs to look different or is missing.

No matter what is behind your transition, I can help you find your voice and direction through it.

Begin your journey with someone to walk beside you. I might be a good match if you are ready to…

~ Proactively shift your feelings, beliefs or view of change, letting go, struggle and challenge.