About Me

A native Austinite, I have been lucky to explore and live in other parts of the world. Among many life lessons, I discovered that Austin is a wonderful place to call home.

I earned my Spanish degree from the UT Austin. After graduation and traveling, I held a 10 year career in the tech field. until I got an MA in Counseling from St. Edward’s University.  I have been a Licensed Professional Counselor practicing since 2012.

As an LPC, my personal and clinical development has been enhanced by the many amazing projects and people I worked with during my career.

~ I currently serve as the Outreach Coordinator, on the Advisory Board for Tune Into Life, a local group supporting LT families and the community.

~ I have worked with students as a contract counselor for Lake Travis ISD for many years.  At LT High School, I collaborated to develop a behavioral health program for the DAEP, offered individual and group counseling for select students and assisted in the Olweus Bully Prevention program trainings with Sallie E. Ingle, MA, LPC-S.

~ At Austin Pain Associates and Restore FX in Austin, TX I worked with patients suffering from chronic pain focusing on healthy lifestyle habits, psycho-educational sessions and process groups.

~ During my internship, I had the pleasure of serving on the board and as the Program Administrator for the International Center for Mental Health and Human Rights.

~ I have a post degree specialization in the connection of neuroscience, somatic experience, mindfulness, trauma and attachment theory. In addition, I continually learn in my holistic focused approach to find non-pharmaceutical treatments to be used with therapy as an alternative to a lifetime commitment to medication as a sole means for relief.