Emotional Regulation & Mental Health

One specialization that is an aspect of every type of counseling done with me is Emotional Regulation. It is vital for our own well being and key in response to interpersonal conflict and life’s inevitable stressors. It is the foundation for building resilience and developing or maintaining a growth mindset.

I teach the mechanics of emotional regulation, body and mind, to help every client come to a better understanding of personal triggers and personal coping mechanisms. What works best for you today and what may work best for you tomorrow.

Managing emotional regulation and understanding somatic experiences is useful for everyone but essential when treating trauma, anxiety, depression or mania.

~ Gain mindful insight into how accepting yourself and others can build relationships based on self-worth, compassion and self-awareness.

~ Seek a balanced and authentic approach to yourself, your work, your relationships by being able to stay present in your life.