Therapy with Dusty

As a therapist, I have a solutions-focused coaching style. I provide compassionate counseling working to build a positive relationship with a warm, supportive, nonjudgmental but candid voice.

We start with

  • Behavioral Health tools and techniques
  • healthy lifestyle coaching
  • psycho-education
  • cultivation of mindfulness and self acceptance

Healing and growth begin when we relieve strain from immediate stressors and gain strength and stability to thrive in daily life. You will build understanding of your strengths, improve self-awareness and emotional self regulation. This allows you to more deeply explore issues and learn to communicate your needs.

Therapy is a commitment to your own development and happiness. At times, it can create a feeling of pressure or discomfort, but can also give you a great sense of relief, accomplishment and contentedness. With patience, humor and acceptance, I meet you where you are to walk with you along life’s path.