In Office or Online Therapy

In today’s world¬†not every client and not every session fit into the classic meet in my office approach.

  • In office counseling/talk therapy
    • It is just what you would expect from a private office therapeutic setting.
  • Telehealth via video counseling
    • This is talk therapy without coming into the office. Using an online video call, I call you on your specified device account at the scheduled time.
    • All calls must be made in a place where you can speak freely to maintain your privacy and confidentiality.

Why would I want to choose online therapy?

Online counseling is ideal for clients that travel, have children or demanding schedules. You are able to have the same experience as an in office session no matter where you might be, without the time spent to and from appointments, and without having to arrange for childcare.

Please contact me to discuss the best format for you and schedule an initial consultation.